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Unique Dressing for Veterinary
IV Catheter and IV Fixation

Veterinary Products

What is captIV?

CaptIV is a very clever, single piece dressing that quickly secures IV catheters and IV Giving Sets to any companion animal.

In a few easy steps – and with far less prep than traditional methods – captIV gives you a neat and very secure dressing to hold the catheter and tubing in place.

CaptIV is easy for the Nurse and kind to the patient.


Why is it 'very clever'?

Straight from the box, you can quickly and easily fix an IV Catheter and Giving Set, without prepping any tape strips.

You save time, money & hassle with a purpose-made, Veterinary dressing.

You can easily & gently remove the dressing, just with water.

How to Use captIV


  1. You can remove the backing paper in stages, so captIV doesn’t stick to itself.
  2. Use the side-slit to feed captIV under the catheter hub, then firm the dressing down.
  3. Now secure the hub with the special tab that neatly holds the hub down.
  4. Pass one adhesive strap around the leg and over the hub.
  5. Attach your IV Line or connector and then pass the other strap around the leg to secure it.
  6. To remove captIV easily and gently, just tease it from the skin with a water moistened pad.

Ordering captIV

Captivated…? Now try the product.

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Who are Vivus?


Vivus Innovations has designed veterinary products for other companies, worldwide, since 2003.

CaptIV is our first vet specific, novel product under our own brand – with more on the way.

Contact us or see for more information on what we can do for you.

Veterinary Products