Products for Animals

IV Therapy products

The Vivus range of Infusion Therapy sets provides innovative products that save clinic time, resources – and lives.
Vivus provides small, standard and large bore sets, for treating all sizes of animal. Our products feature unique combinations of high quality, globally sourced components such as needle free valves, dial-type flow controllers, burettes, coiled tubing, check valves, large scale IV components and many other items. In addition, we’ve proudly designed and made captIV, the first ever Single Piece Dressing for Veterinary IV Lines and Catheters. captIV is quick to prepare and easy to apply, so it’s fast, kind and cost effective. 

Please note, these are examples of our range which are designed exclusively for specific customers. We would be very pleased to meet your own Custom designs and configurations, so, whatever your requirements, please contact us here.