captIV', the Unique IV Line and Catheter Dressing, Launched at LVS

At the London Vet Show 2021, we were overwhelmed with enquiries for our revolutionary new ‘captIV’ – the unique, Single Piece Dressing for IV Lines and Catheters.
Hundreds of Clinical colleagues, Budget Holders and Distributors enthused about the speed of use, the patient benefit and the cost effectiveness of this highly innovative new product, Find out about captIV in the Products for Animals page.

New Vivus Animal IV Therapy components

Vivus has introduced a number of new components in its OEM ranges. Contact Nick Dale at for details of needle-free connectors, a range of high quality PU coiled tubing sets, and softer tubing segments tailor made for use with Infusion Pumps.

Vivus Animal IV Therapy Sets featuring twin Y-Point injection sites
For several years Vivus has been providing Veterinary markets with IV Therapy sets featuring two Y-Point injection sites.
Now the majority of our Veterinary sets have this feature, at the request of our customers, and so the product photos featured on the web site now reflect this trend.
Web site features New Connectors For Animal IV Therapy
The Vivus Web site now features its innovative alternatives to the T-Connector.
The new products can be seen on the Connectors page. The products are all similar in function to ordinary T-Connectors but are more flexible and can be easier to dress onto an animal’s leg.
Connectors of this type provide an easily accessed injection port and  easy connection / disconnection to an IV catheter- useful when an animal must be moved.
The Sight Ring...
Red indicator ring closeup

A small but useful addition to Vivus’ custom component range was highlighted today, by Nursing Staff in a busy ward…
The Sight Ring, incorporated in some custom Burette sets, was the subject of much debate amongst a panel of nursing staff in a recent Research and Development meeting.
This small device is simple but effective in allowing clinical personnel to see, in a glance from a distance, the progress of an infusion procedure. A simple floating red ring can show the fluid level in a burette, from across a busy treatment area, ensuring frequent, efficient monitoring.
The Sight Ring and many other custom components can be incorporated into products as part of an OEM development and Vivus welcomes enquiries into how we may provide improvements in Infusion Therapy equipment.

Vivus launches Export expansion programme for Veterinary range...

Vivus Innovations is taking its highly successful range of Veterinary IV Therapy products into the specialized markets of Europe and the Middle East.

Vivus research has established that, all too often, Vets have to ‘make do’ with products that are originally designed for use on Humans. Vivus feels such products certainly reflect the quality that Vets should demand but also that IV Sets for Veterinary use should be made for use on animals!

For instance, there should be at least 2 injection points placed along the tubing, one close to the animal (and inside a cage) and one further away (outside the cage – and away from teeth and claws!). Wherever appropriate, twin injection sites are now featured on Vivus IV Sets for Vets. High flow rate sets for large animals, sets with unique, dial-type flow controllers that can be adjusted with a single hand, connectors designed for easy dressing onto a small paw… These and many other innovations are aimed specifically at Veterinary use and Vivus is now actively searching for the right partners in Europe and the Middle East to promote and Distribute their specialist products.