Microdropper Giving Set with Single Handed Dial type Flow Controller, 60dpm

A 60dpm IV Giving set with a dial-type flow controller that can be operated with one hand, 2 x Y-sites.
Product code: IVS-SOL-BRC
      • 225cm overall length
      • Spike with cap and filtered air-vent
      • Drip chamber (60dpm) with solution filter
      • Translucent tubing (kink and stick resistant)
      • Two Y-site injection points for convenient placement in and out of the animal's
      • Easy to use 'dial-up' flow controller (5ml/hr to 250ml/hr) with unique
        'single-handed' operability
      • Male luer lock, freely rotating collar, slimline neck
      • Peel-pouch packaging, sterilized by ETO.