Microdropper Solution Giving set with 150ml Burette, 60dpm

*Note: 100ml and 250ml burette versions are also available but not shown.
A 150ml* burette set to help prevent excessive administration volumes
Product codes:  150ml: IVB-150-BRC
                             100ml: IVB-100-BRC
                             250ml: IVB-250-BRC
      • Clearly calibrated burette
      • Spike with cap, air vent and high performance air filter.
      • Translucent tubing (kink and stick resistant).
      • On/off clamp.
      • Excellent quality, crystal clear, soft burette with….
      • Top cover featuring hanging loop, air vent with filter and injection site.
      • Ultra-clear volume markings with integral white background for easy readings
      • Enclosed internal safety valve
      • 65mm Microdropper drip chamber (60dpm: water) with filter
      • Roller clamp with 'long travel wheel' for precision flow control
      • 2 x Y-point injection sites at 80cm and 20cm from luer end
      • Individual peel-pouch packaging, sterilized by ETO.
      • Overall tubing length (Spike to luer lock) 205cm (150ml version)
      • Male luer lock with freely rotating collar (slimline type)