APzyme Anti-Pancaking Gel, with Odour Neutralizer, for Ostomists

Sachets of water based gel for use in Colostomy bags, to help prevent ‘pancaking’ of waste matter at the top of the ostomy pouch.
What is APzyme?
APzyme is a safe, water soluble gel especially designed to help people with a colostomy to avoid the problems associated with ‘pancaking’. Most Colostomists will occasionally find that solid waste from their stoma will collect around the top of a pouch to such an extent that the pouch can be pushed off the skin or, at least, start to leak.
APzyme helps prevent this problem by allowing the solid waste to more easily fall to the bottom of the pouch, rather than collect at the top.
As an extra benefit, APzyme now has ‘Odolyze©’ incorporated in the sachets. Odolyze is an entirely natural enzymatic odour neutralizing formulation that is highly effective at removing – not simply masking – odour molecules typically associated with ostomy output.
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Product Description

Product Presentation:
  • 40 APzyme sachets per sales unit.
  • In general only one sachet is required prior to bag use
  • Product for external use only. Do not swallow.
For further information:
Please contact Nick Dale or Kate Ganley at Vivus Innovations Ltd.