Acsorb Gelling Crystals

Super Absorbent Granule Sachets, with ODOLYZE, Active Odour Neutralizer for use in Ostomy Pouches

What is Acsorb?

AcSorb is a small water-soluble sachet containing granules of a fast acting, super absorbent powder, specifically designed to rapidly turn stoma output into a gel. For extra ease of use AcSorb now has 'Odolyze©' incorporated in the sachets. Odolyze is an entirely natural enzymatic odour neutralizing formulation that is highly effective at removing – not simply masking – odour molecules typically associated with ostomy output.

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Product Description

Why is AcSorb of great interest to most ileostomists?

  • Many ileostomists would like to reduce the embarrassment associated with noise and leakage from their pouch.
  • AcSorb is far more effective at ‘gelling’ stoma outputs than all competitor products tested so far*.
  • The incidence of sore peristomal skin can be reduced by immobilizing the ileal fluid and preventing it from ‘splashing back’ onto the peristomal area.
How do people use AcSorb?
  • Ostomists place just one sachet in their pouch, prior to use and immediately after emptying the pouch. Within seconds of coming into contact with fluid stoma output, the granules are released to disperse and trap the fluid in crystals of soft gel. ‘Locking up’ or immobilising the liquid in this way gives several important benefits.
  • Reduces noise from the pouch contents.
  • Reduces the likelihood of liquid faeces bathing the skin around the stoma, causing irritation and soreness.
  • Reduces the incidence of faecal leakage under the flange or via the filter, thereby lessening the likelihood of embarrassing odours.
  • Makes pouch emptying easier.
  • Can reduce the need for systemic drugs, such as Loperamide, often prescribed to thicken ileal output.
  • Actively neutralizes odours by breaking them down, not simply masking them.
How does Odolyze© work?
  • The agent is an entirely natural derivative of fruit and vegetable sources, containing a wide variety of enzymes that destroy a huge range of odorous molecules. They work by temporarily binding with the odour molecules and making them react or change in such a way that removes their bad odour. The enzyme is then freed to interact with further odour molecules. This makes the whole deodorising process very fast and efficient as the enzymes never get used up, just diluted. The enzymes are entirely safe in contact with skin – in fact the agent is classified as ‘non-toxic / food grade’ material.
Improved management of the stoma
  • At Vivus we believe that even though AcSorb is an accessory, it plays a very important part in the management of stomas.
  • By immobilising the ileal output and neutralizing odours, AcSorb can make changing and maintaining an ostomy pouch easier, quicker and more pleasant. This can have a very positive impact on the life of any ileostomist.
How does AcSorb compare to other high absorbency products?
  • One sachet of AcSorb has the absorbent power of four capsules of the leading encapsulated product*, making the product easy and economical to use.
  • The sachet material is highly soluble so it dissolves rapidly, allowing the granules to start working within seconds of contacting liquid. Compare AcSorb with any other product by putting each in a glass of still, warm (around body temperature) water and see the difference.
  • Gelatine free for rapid absorption – and for those people who prefer formulations free of materials of animal origin.
  • AcSorb and Odolyze are uniquely combined for ease of use and fast action.
Product Presentation:
  • 90 AcSorb sachets per sales unit.
  • In general only one sachet is required prior to bag use and immediately after emptying the pouch.
  • Product for external use only. Do not swallow.
For further information:
Please contact Nick Dale or Kate Ganley at Vivus Innovations Ltd.
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