IV Giving Set with Microdropper (60dpm, Paediatric)

IV Set with 60drops/ml drip chamber, solution filter, long-travel roller clamp, Y-point injection sites and luer lock with rotating collar.
Product Code: IVS-YCL-BAC
      • 60dpm (water)
      • Two Y-Point injection sites at 30cm and 100cm from luer end
        (for inside and outside an animal cage)
      • Overall tube length 170cm
      • Male luer lock, freely rotating collar (slimline base for easy dressing onto a paw)
      • Spike with cap and air vent with high performance filter.
      • Long Drip chamber with solution filter,
      • Translucent tubing (kink and stick resistant).
      • Roller clamp with 'long-travel wheel' for precision flow control
      • Peel-pouch packaging, sterilized by ETO.